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Ballard- Neighborhood -Seattle

Your Guide to Living in Seattle’s Ballard Neighborhood

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Right outside of Seattle, you’ll find one of the most sought-after areas of Washington called Ballard. The Ballard neighborhood of Seattle is not only rich in history, but the area is also hip and modern for a unique experience of both old and new! From exceptional outdoor spaces, to quiet residential areas, to bustling streets filled with trendy dining and entertainment, Ballard has something for everyone. Here is your go-to guide of things to see and experience when living in Ballard.

Cocktails and Dining
Along Market Street and Ballard Avenue, you’ll find Ballard Old Town, home to some of the best bars and restaurants in Seattle! For breakfast or lunch, you can enjoy the highly-rated Sabine Cafe and Market for yummy breakfast and lunch menus along with espresso and cocktails. Ballard is also known for their large variety of craft breweries, including Stoup Brewing!  Stoup Brewing serves its award-winning beers served in a communal space that is a cornerstone of Seattle's Ballard "Brewery District". The dining and cocktail bar options are endless in Ballard. 

There is no shortage of caffeine and espresso in Ballard, with many coffee shops to choose from! Since Seattle is home to the original Starbucks, there are several Starbucks locations in the neighborhood. If you prefer to sit outside and enjoy your cup of coffee and pastries, we recommend Caffe Umbria! This coffee shop is known for having lots of open seating and is a great place for your business meetings! Another option is Ballard Coffee Works on NW Market Street, another local-favorite coffee shop known for its lovely atmosphere and top-notch espresso. 

If you would like to relax on the beach and watch the gorgeous sunsets over the Olympic Mountains, we recommend Golden Gardens Park! This park is a local favorite and has fire pits, BBQ and picnic tables, swings for the kids, etc. Another park to visit in Ballard is The Ballard Locks (aka Chittenden Locks). This park is where the waters of Lake Washington and the Puget Sound meet, so you can watch boats being dropped and lifted and salmon migrating upstream.

Museums and Attractions
Back in the day, Ballard was the part of town known for its large population of Nordic immigrants across the Ballard Bridge. That heritage is explored in depth at the beautifully designed National Nordic Museum. This museum is a must-visit when you live in Ballard as it shares "Nordic culture, values, and ideas with people of all ages and backgrounds to create connections, generate dialogue, and inspire new perspectives". Another Ballard attraction to enjoy is the Fishermen's Terminal, Seattle’s epicenter of commercial fishing. Here you can enjoy watching boats preparing to set sail or returning with their haul, and enjoy fresh seafood.


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