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The Trendiest Clothing and Home Good Shops in Ballard - JG Whittier Blog

The Trendiest Clothing and Home Good Shops in Ballard

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We are becoming better day by day, why shouldn't our clothes and home decor get an upgrade too? Whether you're relaxing at home or walking the gorgeous streets of Ballard, you want to look and feel your best! Luckily, Ballard is filled with trendy, unique clothing boutiques and home decor shops to help you build your dream wardrobe and decorate your gorgeous apartment at J.G. Whittier. 

Woodland Mod

It's more than having walls and a roof, it's about making your apartment a home. If your design style is modern and minimalistic, Woodland Mod is the shop for you! This gorgeous home decor store is inspired by Nordic design, which is known for calm, crisp clean lines that won't leave you cold and never goes out of style. They have a variety of timeless items for you to browse and choose from including coffee table books, artwork, greenery, etc. 


While you may think Seattle fashion is solely flannels and t-shirts, there’s a thriving fashion scene here with trendy boutiques for you to bring out your inner fashionista! You'll love your wardrobe year-round when your closet includes gorgeous pieces from September, a gorgeous boutique right outside Seattle on 22nd avenue. The vibes and clothing pieces are immaculate, and they are proud to carry products that have been made sustainably, by companies who give back to organizations that are doing great things in the world. You'll leave here excited to wear a new outfit for work, date night, running errands, and everything in-between. Make sure to grab one of their must-have Ballard market tote bags! 


Take a break from the large chain stores and keep the positive energies flowing in your home by shopping small at Digs, a family-owned brick-and-mortar store in the heart of Ballard. This adorable shop has everything you need to make your apartment brag-worthy including furniture, housewares, decor, and gifts. With so many fabulous options to choose from, you'll want to spend all day here!


Calling all color-lovers, this one's for you! If you want to add some vibrant color to your Seattle-inspired wardrobe, take a visit to Prism. This boutique is filled with trendy statement pieces that will brighten the darkest of rainy Seattle days, from holographic rain jackets to show-stopping prints and patterns. They are also known for selling some of the best-smelling candles, quirky glassware, and a variety of stationery!


Now that your closet and apartment are decked out and Pinterest-worthy thanks to these Ballard stores, snap a picture and tag us in it! We’d love to see your new outfits and what you’ve done with your place.

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